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Liquid Soul Gifts is proud to offer timeless and heartfelt products With a Christian focus. We offer a unique collection of tear bottles and other unique keepsakes that honor and celebrate lifes major milestones; weddings, a new baby, to honor friendships or mend relationships or as a gift of compassion. They are also a beautiful, heartfelt expression of sympathy - a bereavement gift for the loss of a loved one. We are certain you will find a beautiful, unique and heartfelt gift for anyone, for any occasion. Free shipping on orders over $25. (we ship only in USA)

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About Tear Bottles

A Captivating & Poignant History

Tear Bottles have been a part of our world's history since before Christ's time. Historians have found their evidence in ancient Rome and Egypt. Legend has it that our ancestors have used the small glass vessels to collect their tears, as a means for mourning and respect.

Today, modern Tear Bottles are given to symbolize the emotions of love, joy, sorrow and remembrance. The gift of the tear bottle is often given at times of loss and bereavement, weddings, births, graduations, anniversaries and other rites of passage. They are quickly becoming a popular heartfelt keepsake and gift item.

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